How to properly choose and hang a picture indoors?

The paintings are among the most popular interior accessories. They have the ability to bring a new atmosphere to the space, to significantly diversify it and to fill the walls with hitherto empty impression. So how do you hang and place the paintings correctly so that they delight the eye and do not harm their interior appearance?

Neither too big nor too small

First, you need to adjust the image size correctly. Many people tend to buy one huge painting or a series of smaller ones and hang them on this wall. However, this can only be done if it is the case that the living room is still large and equitable. If you miss this recommendation, the image could change, making the space crowded and visually shrinking significantly. Also note that the deformation of the space changes even if the image is hung on a large wall. So you need to have a good estimate here and use the ideal image size.

Hang the paintings on the wall at eye level

Also pay attention to the height of the image. Old acquaintances log in here, measure twice and once. In that case, kill the nail in the wall. The most common mistake of pictures in the home is that they hang too high. The paintings should have the main motif at about the height of the adult figure, so always hang the painting with two, with one person correcting the height of the hanging with his eyes at a distance.

Color rules

Don't forget your taste and try to match the colors of the paintings with the wall or the surrounding space. This rule can be an inspiration for you - the color of the picture should contrast with the color of the wall, but the color of the picture should also have another dominant position in the surrounding interior, for example in the form of furniture, carpet or sofa.